CEW Leadership Council

The Center is pleased to have the volunteer efforts of many talented and generous individuals. The Center has a long tradition of a volunteer advisory board. Without this group’s commitment, leadership, and ambassadorship for the Center, our work would not be possible.

Tiffany Ford
Lee Gorman

Susan S. Gutow
Margaret Kephart
Constance M. Kinnear
Caroline Lee
Ciara Merriman
Don Vereen

The CEW Emeritae Council honors all those who have served on the Leadership Council, helping the Center to become what we are today. The Emeritae Council includes:

Lisa Baker
Nancy Barbour
Norma C. Barfield
Ellen M. Byerlein
Jean W. Campbell*
Lois P. Cohn
Julie F. Cummings
Martha Meier Dean
Beverly B. Denbo*
Anthony Derezinski
Molly H. Dobson
Carol Doll
Anne Duderstadt
Susan S. Florsheim
Geraldine B. Ford*
Twink Frey
Beverley Geltner
Christine Green
Matina Souretis Horner
Rani Kotha
Judith H. Lax
Anne Lehker
Ashley M. Maentz
William Martin
Rebecca McGowan*
Ann V. Parfet
Virginia Patton Moss
Robert D. Oliver
Karen O’Neal
Lana B. Pollack
Sheila Poticker*
Kathleen K. Power
Mary Princing
Desma Reid-Coleman
Margaret A. Riecker*
Karla Scherer
Martha R. Seger
Ann Sneed Schriber
Gil Seinfeld
Carol S. Smokler
Maxine J. Snider
Elizabeth Stranahan*
Alicia Torres
Nellie M. Varner
Erica A. Ward
Marina v. N. Whitman

* in memoriam