Anne Ladky: 2006-7 Visiting Social Activist 

Despite the progress of the last thirty years, approximately one-third of women working full time earn less than $25,000 per year. Many have no sick leave or paid time off for family needs, cope with unpredictable work schedules, and have limited access to benefits such as health insurance. As Executive Director of Women Employed, Anne Ladky has developed and directed innovative advocacy and training programs designed to improve women’s economic status. She is a nationally recognized expert on women’s employment issues, equal opportunity, workforce development and career advancement. She holds appointments to the Illinois Workforce Investment Board, the Chicago Workforce Board, and the Community Advisory Board of the Junior League of Chicago.

While at CEW, Ms. Ladky met with over a dozen UM faculty members in such fields as business, public policy, labor & industrial relations, and economics to examine a variety of public policies and private sector practices impacting low-wage workers. Based on those conversations and her CEW research, she outlined a business case to show how investing in low-wage workers is good for businesses, good for workers and good for society. That business case is now being promoted through her organization’s Investors for Change program, which brings together women corporate and civic leaders to advocate for improved policies and employment practices for low-wage women workers.