Congratulations to the 2016-2017 CEW Scholars & Fellows

CEW is delighted to announce the recipients of this year’s CEW Scholarships and Fellowships! The 2016-17 cohort includes fifty-three inspiring students across the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses. Each award recipient was selected based on their remarkable accomplishments, their sincere commitment to academic excellence, and their potential to make a positive impact in the future.

Award recipients represent a variety of different backgrounds, nationalities, academic fields, and stages of life. Scholarship recipients and the Mary Malcomson Raphael Fellowship recipients are also nontraditional students — students who have returned to school after time away, or who serve as the primary caregiver for a minor, older adult, or disabled adult. CEW applauds these students’ resilience and profound dedication to achieving their goals.

This year, CEW has granted over $370,000 in scholarships and fellowships. The average award per student was nearly $7,000. These awards were made possible by the generosity and foresight of CEW’s extraordinary donors.

The CEW Scholarships and Fellowships Program presents merit awards on an annual basis. If you would like to receive an email notification when the application becomes available for the 2017-18 academic year, please click here to submit your email address.

The 2016-17 CEW Scholars and Fellows will be honored at an awards ceremony in Ann Arbor on October 2nd, 2016. Please join us in congratulating each of these talented and promising students!
CEW Scholarship Recipients 2016-17

Gail Allen Scholar:
Merideth Garcia — PhD Student in English & Education at UM-Ann Arbor

American Association of University Women Scholar:
Denise Miller — MBA/MS Student in Natural Resources & Environment at UM-Ann Arbor

AAUW Mary Elizabeth Bittman Memorial Scholar:
Chelsea Holladay — BS Student in Dental Hygiene at UM-Ann Arbor

Christine Kahan Black Scholar:
Brittany Fulton — MSW Student in Interpersonal Practice at UM-Ann Arbor

Jane & Bill Bloom Scholar:
Melody Wilson — ABEd Student in Secondary Math Education with Physics Minor at UM-Ann Arbor

Ruth Jeanette Buttrey Scholar:
Raivynn Smith — BA Student in Psychology at UM-Ann Arbor

Louise G. Cain Scholar:
Jeri Preston — MA Student in Post-Secondary Education at UM-Ann Arbor

CEW Graduate Scholar:
Haidar Al-Mohammad — MSW Student in Interpersonal Practice at UM-Ann Arbor

Collegiate Sorosis Foundation Scholar:
Yaohua (Karen) Lin — MA Student in Higher Education at UM-Ann Arbor

Molly H. Dobson Scholars:
Lauren Halter — BA Student in Cognitive Science & International Studies at UM-Ann Arbor
Tamara Vanderford — BBA Student in Management at UM-Flint

Bruce Dunlap Memorial Scholar:
Eleanor Avsharian — BA Student in English at UM-Ann Arbor

Elizabeth M. Dusseau & Margaret Dusseau Brevoort Scholars:
Elizabeth Rodriguez — PhD Student in Neuroscience at UM-Ann Arbor
Erica Bailey — MSW Student in Management of Human Services at UM-Ann Arbor

Beth Halloran Scholar:
Tremell Goins, Jr. — PhD Student in the Combined Program in Education & Psychology at UM-Ann Arbor

Joan P. Ireland Scholar:
Jenifer Pifer — BA Student in Child Life at UM-Dearborn

Beatrice Kahn Scholar:
Krystin Carlson — PhD Student in Toxicology at UM-Ann Arbor

Elsie Choy Lee Scholars:
Carolyn Gennari — MFA Student with Museum Studies Certificate at UM-Ann Arbor
Sascha Raiyn — BA Student in Journalism & Screen Studies at UM-Dearborn

Sarah Winans Newman Scholar:
Ann Miller — MSN Student in Acute Care Pediatric NP Program at UM-Ann Arbor

Retirement Income Solutions (RIS) Scholar:
Edward Waisanen — MS Student in Natural Resources & Environment at UM-Ann Arbor

Helen Huff Shell Scholar:
Cassandra Aceves — PhD Student in Management & Organizations at UM-Ann Arbor

Margaret Dow Towsley Scholars:
Ashley Bostic — DNP Student in the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP Program at UM-Ann Arbor
Rachel Boswell — MLA/MUP Student at UM-Ann Arbor
Afton Branche — MPP Student at UM-Ann Arbor
Betsy Querna Cliff — PhD Student in Health Management & Policy at UM-Ann Arbor
Laura Darch — BA Student in Communications at UM-Flint
Shauna Dyer — PhD Student in Sociology at UM-Ann Arbor
Nicolina Evola — BA Student in Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience at UM-Ann Arbor
Bri Gauger — PhD Student in Urban Planning at UM-Ann Arbor
Maria Joachim — PhD Student in Health Services Organization & Policy at UM-Ann Arbor
Erica Johnson — MSW Student in Interpersonal Practice at UM-Ann Arbor
Erika Murcia — MSW Student in Community Organization at UM-Ann Arbor
Chia-Hui Neilly — DNP Student in Family Nurse Practitioner Program at UM-Flint
Ronke Olawale — PhD Student in Social Work & Anthropology at UM-Ann Arbor
Lisa Olinger — MSW Student in Interpersonal Practice at UM-Ann Arbor
Liliya Paraketsova —Law Student at UM-Ann Arbor
Angela Perone — PhD Student in Social Work & Sociology at UM-Ann Arbor
Alexandra Ramirez — MUP Student at UM-Ann Arbor
Debra Rhizal — DNP Student in Nurse Midwifery Program at UM-Ann Arbor
Safa Sankari —MS Student in Clinical Psychology at UM-Dearborn
Esther Trager — BS Student in Architecture at UM-Ann Arbor
Alyssa Van Hofwegen — MSW Student in Community Organization at UM-Ann Arbor
Deirdra Williams — MSN Student in Nurse Midwifery at UM-Ann Arbor
Robin Wilson —BA Student in Reading with English Language Arts Minor at UM-Dearborn

Irma M. Wyman Scholars:
Monique Manners — BSE Student in Industrial Operations Engineering at UM-Ann Arbor
Dolorence Okullo — MHI Student at UM-Ann Arbor


CEW Fellowship Recipients 2016-17

Mary Malcomson Raphael Fellow:
Elizabeth Koomsen — PhD Student in Social Work & Anthropology at UM-Ann Arbor

Menakka & Essel Bailey Graduate Fellows:
Sarah Baruch — Medical Student at UM-Ann Arbor
Aubrey Langeland — PhD Student in Environmental Health Sciences at UM-Ann Arbor
Sara Meerow — PhD Student in Resource Policy & Behavior at UM-Ann Arbor
Tarlise Townsend — MPP/PhD Student in Health Services Organization & Policy at UM-Ann Arbor