Women of Color in the Academy Project (WOCAP)

 About WOCAP

The Women of Color in the Academy Project (WOCAP) is a campus-wide faculty network at U-M, committed to highlighting the work of women of color scholars, promoting their development, creating a supportive and inclusive community, and advocating for institutional change on their behalf. WOCAP hosts writing retreats, weekly writing sessions, bi-annual dinners, and other networking opportunities.

Vision Statement

Achieving a university where all women of color faculty experience success, leadership, visibility and representation at all levels of governance.

The campus-wide WOCAP faculty steering committee would like to extend an invitation to all instructional track faculty who are, or identify with, women of color, and would like to work together to call attention to structural barriers and promote solutions to enhance the success of women in color in academia.

Contact Jacquie Bowman for additional information about WOCAP.

2015-2016 WOCAP Faculty Steering Committee

Naomi Andre (Associate Professor, Womens Studies & Residential College)

Maria Castro (Professor, Neurosurgery)

Patricia Coleman-Burns (Assistant Professor, Nursing)

Robin Means Coleman (Professor, Communication Studies & DAAS)

Denise Sekaquaptewa (Professor, Psychology and Women's Studies)

Hitomi Tonomura (Professor, History)

Robin Wilson (Associate Professor, Dance)

Mieko Yoshihama (Professor, Social Work)