Economics and Labor

CEW researchers and visiting scholars investigate women’s labor and women’s role in the labor market. In addition, research has focused on volunteerism as well as on low-wage women and women on welfare.

A Commitment to Volunteerism by Louise August, 2006. This paper compares the volunteer activities of women who received CEW Scholarships with national data on the volunteer activities of women. CEW scholars volunteer at a rate nearly twice that of the national average, and their motivations were predominantly altruistic. Based on a survey of past scholars, the paper also discusses the impact of the scholarships on these women.

The Intersection of Gender, Race and Culture as Influencers on African American Women’s Financial Fitness, Asset Accumulation, and Wealth Attainment, by Connie E. Evans, CEW Twink Frey Visiting Social Activist, 2006. The purpose of this inquiry is to understand the intersection of race, gender and culture as influencers on African American women’s ability to achieve financial fitness, asset accumulation and wealth attainment. The major research question driving this brief study is the following: “Does the African American woman’s culture affect her ability to develop financial fitness and wealth attainment?” The report concludes with a discussion and highlighted opportunities for a financial fitness and wealth attainment agenda for African American women.

Gender, Work and Structural Adjustment: A Selected Annotated Bibliography in three sections. by Lakshmi Lingam, Professor, Unit for Women’s Studies,Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai India and Visiting Scholar, CEW. 2005. This annotated bibliography was prepared as a prelude to a review of research on structural adjustment policies and their gender and household impacts; and as an accompaniment to an empirical study that undertaken in Mumbai, India. It describes research emerging from the African, Asian and Latin American continents.

Structural Adjustment, Gender and Household Survival Strategies: Review of Evidences and Concerns (February 2005) 132 KB by Lakshmi Lingam, Professor, Unit for WomenÕs Studies,Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai India and Visiting Scholar, CEW. After a brief overview of positions vis-ˆ-vis structural adjustment, in this paper an attempt has been made to examine the significant areas of concern that emerge from the literature, the household survival strategies and gender-specific impacts and the popular notions around gender, poverty, household headship and household survival strategies.