Internship Supervision

CEW has two licensed MSWs on staff, trained and experienced in field supervision and mentorship, as well as content-area experts, in policy and advocacy, project management, and development. Together, CEW's Social Work Internship supervision team is dedicated to the creation of specialized training opportunities for qualified candidates.

Supervision is offered on a weekly basis, a time during which interns can reflect on their learning experience, gain feedback on and develop practice goals, and ask questions about current projects.

LMSW and LLMSW Supervisors

Samara Hough, LLMSW, Counselor and Program Specialist / Counseling Supervisor

Doreen Murasky, LMSW, ACSW, Senior Manager for Student Programs / Counseling & Management Supervisor

Content Area Supervisors

Kirsten Elling, PhD, Associate Director for Counseling, Programs & Services / Counseling & Management Supervisor

Beth Sullivan, MPH, Senior Associate for Advocacy & Policy / Policy Supervisor

Learn more about CEW's supervisors and other dedicated staff members here.